Workshop Series

AI and Social Innovation Workshop

Join us to learn about AI and its transformative impact on social innovation. Discover the power of purpose-driven AI Innovation, and work together using a proven framework to create successful tech startups that impact the lives of millions. We’ll also have a candid discussion on the ethics-profits paradox in AI.

Workshop Content

Becoming Purpose-driven: Combining storytelling, 3 case studies, and a practical framework, we will start your journey of having a purpose-driven career and organization to achieve personal, financial, and organizational success.
The Generative AI Landscape: We will explore exclusive research from to understand the state of adoption of AI by organizations of all sizes, and the role of over 10,000 global innovators creating AI solutions that can be applied to delivering social progress and economic growth.

The Ethics & Profits Paradox in Times of AI: As the world focuses on ethics in AI algorithms, ethics are urgently needed in our economic engines, investment, labor, and monetization models. We will candidly discuss Another Inconvenient Truth: The Ethics and Profits Paradox in Times of AI.

A Practical Framework for AI Social Innovation: We close our workshop by exploring 7 principles for creating impactful social innovation. We will discuss a case study in detail and have a working session to create a plan for a social innovation program or venture powered by AI.

We have had sessions with students, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, nonprofit, business, and government leaders from 25 countries. Contact us to start planning a workshop for your organization, tech incubator, university, or event.

Be part of a movement that’s creating, using, and supporting AI that works-for-all.

Other sessions on AI and Social Innovation


Responsible use of AI and Business Growth

Get ready for a down-to-earth session on how the Generative AI revolution is impacting businesses today. We simplify complex concepts and explore fresh trends using our unique survey of over 1,000 US organizations and our database of 10,000 AI tools. Curious about using AI in your business for growth, cost-cutting, enhancing team and client engagement, or improving decision-making? This session is for you. Equip yourself with practical knowledge and be at the forefront of this technological wave.


The Profits and Ethics Paradox in Times of AI

In this 30-minute session, we explore the pressing need to revise current economic, labor, and monetization models that have compromised on privacy, transparency, and inclusivity. We analyze current trends and discuss creating new models that intertwine ethics, societal benefits, economic growth, and progress, addressing the Ethics & Profits Paradox in the AI era.

Keynote or Workshop

Creating AI-powered Social Innovation

In a 45-min keynote or 90-min workshop, we deeply dive into seven principles essential for building lasting, impactful AI-powered social impact ventures. Drawing from our extensive experience launching over 50 global products and nine tech startups dedicated to social impact, we’ll guide you through the transformative journey of socially conscious AI innovation.

Keynote or Workshop

Finding Purpose: Unlocking Potential

A 45-min keynote or 90-min workshop designed for entrepreneurs, individuals pursuing purpose-driven ventures, and team members in existing organizations. Through storytelling, case studies, and a proven framework, participants will learn to identify and align their passions and values with their organizational or entrepreneurial goals, to boost motivation and impact.

2023 Calendar

These are our large events planned for 2023 – contact us for private workshops or keynotes or to check for slots available at anyone of our large events.


  • Sep 19 – Entrepreneurs Online Workshop –
  • Sep 28 – Online –
  • Oct 5 – Harvard Graduate School of Education – Cambridge, MA
  • Oct 11 – TXPEG – Seattle, WA
  • Oct 18 – Foundation Financial Officers Group – Seattle, WA
  • Oct 26 – Online –
  • Nov 2 – AI Social Impact Global Conference – Redmond, WA
  • Nov 3 – Cal Poly – Pomona, CA
  • Nov 10 – CTO Peer Group – Seattle, WA

Past Events