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AI and Digital Transformation Compass ™

Our research of over 5,000 Small and Midsize organizations, including 1,800 nonprofits, found that organizations at the early or mid-stage of deploying AI report 2x higher annual growth than industry peers. Use our model to benchmark and get actionable insights to boost revenues, cut costs, enhance team and client engagement, and power decision-making.

How the Assessment Works

Our assessment breaks down technology and AI into six manageable dimensions, allowing you to understand your current state, compare with industry peers, and find actionable steps for growth and efficiency based on budget and priorities. – see methodology here.

Operational Efficiency

Measures the extent to which routine tasks have been automated or are partially assisted by technology to save time, reduce errors, and free up staff for more strategic work.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Focuses on processes and tools for collecting, storing, analyzing, and using data for making informed decisions and driving business growth.

Collaboration & Change

It examines how internal and external relationships contribute to growth in a competitive or evolving environment—assessing internal and external collaboration and change communication.

Security and Compliance

How security, privacy, and compliance are handled and how operational risks are mitigated with processes and tools.

Customer Relationship & Growth

The strategies and tools for interacting with customers and other stakeholders. It encompasses marketing, sales, public relations, advertising strategies, customer service, relationship management, and support.

People Development

Evaluating training and skill gap identification, especially with emerging tech.

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Our AI-powered tools assist Startups, Nonprofits, Students, Researchers, Government Agencies, and Businesses in embracing AI in responsible and productive ways.

Explore Results by Industry

Use the interactive chart below to select your industry and see the average Index scores for the top 25% of growth-oriented organizations in your sector. We use this powerful tool in our workshops and consulting engagements to assess your organization’s readiness and create an action plan tailored to your budget and priorities.


Emerging use of Artificial Intelligence

Above 80

Maximizing AI and Technology Potential - AI and Technology Readiness Index

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* indicates the sample data is small for the selected industry.

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Sign up for a team workshop or private consultation today. We’ll guide you through 25 essential questions across six critical dimensions, providing a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s readiness.

Regardless of where you are on your digital journey, we’ve got you covered. If you’re starting, we’ll introduce you to crucial tools that offer big wins. We’ll help you explore advanced AI solutions if you’re further along. We’ll consider your team readiness, data handling practices, privacy, compliance, and security measures at every step.

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How the AI4SP AI and Digital Transformation Compass Can Help Your Organization

The AI4SP Compass Index isn’t just another complex tool. It’s your guide, with insights from over 80,000 data points from ~2,000 organizations. These are the combined experiences of SMBs, nonprofits, and government agencies like yours. It’s a blend of qualitative and quantitative research, topped with practical, hands-on consulting experiences – it’s like having an expert right by your side, walking you through your digital transformation journey.

  • Identify gaps versus peers in your industry.
  • Inform budget discussions with your board and leadership.
  • Internal and External conversations about your current and future stage in the responsible use of AI.


Our Consulting Approach and Deliverables (click to expand)

  • Prep work: Post contract signature, and a week before our workshop, we receive a document (1-2 pages) summarizing your organization’s core mission, 2023-24 goals, and an overview of identified barriers to success. This allows us to customize our tools and decks to your unique context.
  • 90-Minute Working Session:  This is a professional development opportunity for your team and a strategic step in change management, involving key stakeholders in the strategy definition from the outset.
    1. Part 1 – The AI Landscape: We start by immersing your team in a 45-minute session on “Purpose-driven Innovation and Business Growth in Times of AI.” The discussion centers around the latest AI trends based on our proprietary dataset of +10,000 AI tools. We also explore adoption strategies and their potential impact on business growth, cost reduction, and decision-making.
    2. Part 2 – Working together: The following 45 minutes are dedicated to our AI and Digital Transformation Compass Assessment. This comprehensive tool, created through analysis of over 80,000 data points from ~2,000 organizations, is your roadmap to digital transformation and benchmarking.
  • Executive Deck Delivery and Discussion Session: Within three to five days post the initial session, we hold a one-hour meeting to present a 20 pages executive deck of your AI readiness status and benchmarking. It includes a top-level roadmap and targeted action steps that align with your budget and priorities.
  • Follow-up Advisory Sessions: We provide three monthly 45-minute advisory sessions with your appointed leader to support the implementation journey, ensuring it translates into tangible business outcomes.

Privacy & Intellectual Property

  • Our engagement process is conducted under a mutual NDA. 
  • All content created during our engagement is considered “work for hire” with the IP belonging to your company, as per our Independent Consultant Agreement. 
  • Our models, built on OpenAI or Azure APIs, strictly adhere to their policies, ensuring your data will not be used to train their models.  (Azure Policy, OpenAI Policy.)

We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey toward digital transformation.

Consulting Firm Efficiency

AI4SP helped us to navigate the complexities of data, compliance, and privacy, setting a clear roadmap for 2023-24 for our 250-person Consulting Firm. By adopting AI to automate repetitive tasks and deploying an internal chat agent for our knowledge base, we’ve improved efficiency by 40%.

Fortune 5000 Tech Company

Using the AI and Technology Readiness Index™, we’ve created engaging, interactive content for our partners to identify opportunities to deploy CRM systems among SMBs. It transformed our channel communications, increasing engagement rates by over 25%.

Nonprofit Automation

With AI4SP’s Technology Readiness Index™, our small nonprofit embarked on an AI journey that was both effective and surprisingly affordable. We increased our marketing and donor management productivity by 30% while remaining within our limited budget. We’re now empowered to do more for our cause than ever before!

Private University in the West Coast

AI4SP AI and Technology Readiness Index™ helped align our leadership on the responsible use of tech and AI. Through a clear, actionable plan, we feel comfortable about the next steps related to augmenting our existing software with affordable AI solutions to prepare our students for a digital future.

Methodology Behind the Index

The AI and Digital Transformation Compass Index – AI4SP Compass Index is a comprehensive tool developed by AI4SP. It aims to guide small and mid-sized organizations (with less than 500 employees), nonprofits, and government agencies through their digital transformation journey. Creating this AI4SP Compass Index involved a detailed process, and we processed over 180,000 data points from ~5,000 organizations, combining qualitative and quantitative research enriched with practical consulting experiences.

Click to read the details behind our approach

Our Methodology and Approach Breakdown:

  1. Initiation – Focus Groups and Consultation Sessions: Our journey began by hosting focus groups involving a diverse mix of organizations, business leaders, and AI experts. These sessions were further enriched by AI4SP’s consulting insights (through Connect Sparks Advisors), drawn from helping numerous clients harness AI to fuel growth.
  2. Framework Development – Creating Digital Maturity and AI Readiness Indexes: After distilling insights from the focus groups and our consulting practice, we studied established models for crafting digital maturity and AI readiness indexes. The goal? To convert these abstract concepts into tangible, actionable paths forward.
  3. Survey Deployment and Data Collection: We rolled out a comprehensive study to over 5,000 organizations, focusing on those with less than 500 employees. Our spotlight was on businesses that exceeded average growth in 2022 and anticipated higher-than-average revenue and market expansion for 2023-24. Please note that the margin of error is +/- 5%, with a 95% confidence level. In some verticals (marked with a *), the samples are small, and the margin of error can be higher than 10%.
  4. Data Synthesis and Compass Index Creation: We meticulously analyzed survey responses, identifying common factors linked to successful tech and AI implementation. The result? Six key dimensions underpinning the Compass Index are pillars for successful AI and tech adoption. These dimensions cover business automation, data management, customer engagement, security compliance, innovation strategies, and future readiness.
  5. Benchmarking and Index Calculation: Our Compass Index employs a proprietary algorithm to evaluate responses across these six dimensions. We then benchmark these against data from successful organizations, yielding an AI and tech readiness rating for each dimension.
  6. It’s not linear: Our methodology relies on insights and data from the real world. Our index utilizes the characteristics of Richard’s curve to depict the nuanced progression of digital transformation, reflecting the amplified advantages organizations garner as they amplify their digital prowess. Unlike other models, the halfway mark in our index sits around 60%, which we’ve pinpointed as the “digital ready” phase for harnessing AI. This unique feature emerges from our comprehensive research, underlining that a modest advancement in digital maturity can translate into a considerable surge in growth.
  7. Interpretation and Actionable Recommendations: The AI4SP Compass Index offers a clear view of an organization’s standing in its digital journey. It further provides practical steps to fuel growth and efficiency, tailored to fit the organization’s budget and priorities.
  8. Industry Comparison – Interactive Chart: We also offer an interactive tool to empower organizations with competitive insights. This allows them to compare their Compass Index scores against the average scores of the top quartile of growth-focused organizations in their industry.

Our comprehensive approach gives organizations a clear, practical pathway to assess their digital readiness and forge a path toward successful digital transformation. With the Compass Index, businesses can identify gaps relative to industry peers, guide budget discussions, and stimulate internal and external conversations about their responsible use of AI, now and into the future.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements


The Profits and Ethics Paradox in Times of AI

In this 30-minute session, we explore the pressing need to revise current economic, labor, and monetization models that have compromised on privacy, transparency, and inclusivity. We analyze current trends and discuss creating new models that intertwine ethics, societal benefits, economic growth, and progress, addressing the Ethics & Profits Paradox in the AI era.

Keynote or Workshop

Creating AI-powered Social Innovation

In a 45-min keynote or 90-min workshop, we deeply dive into seven principles essential for building lasting, impactful AI-powered social impact ventures. Drawing from our extensive experience launching over 50 global products and nine tech startups dedicated to social impact, we’ll guide you through the transformative journey of socially conscious AI innovation. Learn more…

Keynote or Workshop

Finding Purpose: Unlocking Potential

A 45-min keynote or 90-min workshop designed for entrepreneurs, individuals pursuing purpose-driven ventures, and team members in existing organizations. Through storytelling, case studies, and a proven framework, participants will learn to identify and align their passions and values with their organizational or entrepreneurial goals, to boost motivation and impact.