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Insights, Automated Tools and Workshops to Embrace AI Responsibly and Drive Growth

At we serve the unique needs of private Small or Midsize Businesses, Nonprofits, or Government Agencies, to harness AI’s power to reach goals and mission delivery.

AI & Digital Transformation Compass and Benchmarking Tool

The AI4SP The AI4SP AI and Digital Transformation Compass ™ is your roadmap to digital transformation, streamlining operations and driving growth.

Nonprofit AI Center

AI-powered advisors, Tools, Resources, and Workshops to embrace AI responsibly to increase fundraising, reduce costs and engage team members and volunteers while facilitating decision-making.

AI Insights and Reports

Our insights and reports can power your content marketing campaigns, event or product strategy, and capital-raising efforts.

Economic Models and Regulatory Frameworks

We actively work on the economic models and frameworks that facilitate the ethical use of AI to address pressing societal issues, stimulate economic growth, and spark progress and innovation.

Our Thoughts

Short articles and publications to spark dialog and create awareness of key challenges and developments.

AI and Social Innovation Workshops:

Storytelling and practical frameworks to embrace AI, invest in ethical AI, or create transformative AI Ventures.

The Ethics & Profits Paradox in Times of AI

A candid keynote to discuss the inconvenient truth about tech monetization and investment models that have inadvertently caused societal harm.

Investments & Grants Evaluation and Support

We use our proven model to identify investment and grant opportunities in early-stage AI companies that address critical gaps in AI for Social and Economic Progress. Our goal is to maximize the impact of capital deployment in these high-potential ventures and as needed we deploy our search fund.

Our team of Operating Advisors at deploys proven operational frameworks, executive coaching, and industry connections to accelerate the growth of the AI4SP portfolio companies.

We focus on AI that Works for All. We Innovate, Educate, and Invest in AI to Foster Progress and Growth for Everyone.

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Thoughts on AI for Social Progress and Economic Growth