AI for Social Progress is a platform bringing together organizations, artificial intelligence (AI) innovators, regulators, researchers, philanthropists, and investors to build, embrace, and support AI solutions that address pressing societal issues, boost the economy, and drive progress.

A Platform to Unleash AI for Social Progress

Artificial Intelligence can generate over $16 trillion in additional economic value by 2030 if used responsibly and inclusively. We focus on three key areas to unleash AI’s potential for social progress and economic growth, fostering a positive feedback loop between social and financial returns.

  1. Economic Models and Regulatory Frameworks that Foster Ethical Growth.
  2. Nonprofit AI Center and Small Business AI Center.
  3. Investments and Grants Evaluation & Support.

Nonprofit AI Center and Small Business AI Center

Serving the unique needs of nonprofits and small businesses, each online center provides guidance and tools on using AI responsibly to optimize operations, reduce costs, increase revenues, improve decision-making, and manage teams effectively.

Nonprofit AI Center

Free AI-powered advisors, Tools, Resources and Workshop to start embracing AI responsibly to increase fundraising, reduce costs and engage team members and volunteers while facilitating decision-making.

Small Business AI Center

Coming Soon…

Economic Models and Regulatory Frameworks

We actively work on the economic models and regulatory frameworks that facilitate the ethical use of AI to address pressing societal issues, stimulate economic growth, and spark progress and innovation.

  • Our Thoughts: Short articles and publications to spark dialog and create awareness of key challenges and developments.
  • Ethics and Profits Paradox: Through thought-provoking seminars and workshops, we delve into the heart of tech monetization and investment models that have inadvertently caused societal harm. Our discussions focus on the urgent need to reimagine and evolve these models for a more responsible and beneficial AI-enabled future.
  • AI, Economic Development, and Social Progress in 90 seconds video series: Co-hosted by Jeff Raikes and Luis Salazar, this video series delivers concise, engaging, and inspiring interviews with a diverse pool of leaders to provide insights on urgent AI topics in 90-second bites.

Investments & Grants Evaluation and Support

We use our proven model to identify investment and grant opportunities in early-stage AI companies that address critical gaps in AI for Social and Economic Progress. Our goal is to maximize the impact of capital deployment in these high-potential ventures.

Our team of Operating Advisors deploys proven operational frameworks, executive coaching, and industry connections to accelerate the growth of the AI4SP portfolio companies.

Weekly Thoughts on AI for Social Progress and Economic Growth

Ai-powered Education concept illustrated by 3 young kids in a classroom facing a humanoid brain

AI-Powered Education and the 4th Industrial Revolution

AI is disrupting society at an accelerated pace, bringing immense benefits alongside some unintended consequences, such as eliminating 45 million jobs in the US. The question remains: Can AI-powered education improve the economic mobility...
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