– Enabling Organizations, Academia, and Governments to Harness AI for Social Progress and Economic Growth

Across 25 countries, ~15,000 individuals and organizations have tapped into our expertise—via tools, workshops, or consultancy. From Fortune 500 firms licensing our datasets to small enterprises achieving growth with our guidance and tools, we’re pioneering meaningful change in the AI landscape.

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Beyond the AI Buzz: Realizing Business Value Today

At, we see beyond the AI buzz. While the world gets caught up in the hype, we focus on harnessing AI’s transformative power in tangible, practical, and capital-efficient ways. We demystify Generative AI for the Private Sector, Academia, and Nonprofits, ensuring they can tap into AI’s vast potential right now.

AI in Action: Workshops for Social Innovation and Practical Implementation

  • Deploy affordable, off-the-shelf AI solutions to reduce operational costs, enhance revenues, and inform decision-making.
  • Understand the AI Landscape to craft programs and policies that uphold values and drive growth or to design investment criteria.
  • Learn proven frameworks to create capital-efficient AI ventures grounded in sustainable, ethical, and enduring business models.

Our Thoughts

Short articles and publications to spark dialog and create awareness of key challenges and developments.

Nonprofit AI Center

AI-powered advisors, Tools, Resources, and Workshops to embrace AI responsibly to increase fundraising, reduce costs and engage team members and volunteers while facilitating decision-making.

Unrivaled Expertise: The Data Behind Our Passion

AI & Digital Transformation Compass - A Benchmark Like No Other

Drawing from a continually updated dataset of over 7,000 organizations, we provide insights into AI adoption among private and nonprofit entities.

To make these insights tangible, we created the AI4SP AI and Digital Transformation Compass™ – a powerful, proven, and simple assessment that offers organizations a roadmap to digital transformation that streamlines operations and spurs growth.

Leading global technology organizations and consulting firms have licensed our benchmarking dataset and methodology, to power online tools tailored for the needs of the communities they serve.

AI Insights and Reports Derived from Over 1M datapoints

Merging the data powering our AI and Digital Transformation Compass with a proprietary collection of more than 10,000 AI tools, companies, investors, meetups, and think tanks, we generate insights and reports of unparalleled depth.

These insights fuel content marketing campaigns, global events, product strategies, and capital-raising efforts. With our guidance, organizations can realize the value of AI, leveraging readily available tools and established programs to harness AI’s potential today.

Contact us for a private demo of how to license our AI Compass and create a co-branded version for your Clients, Grantees, Affinity Group, or Community.

Partnerships that Drive Progress

We partner with Fortune 500 software companies, telecommunications giants, and global consulting firms, who license our datasets and insights to shape impactful policies and design effective programs.

But our reach doesn’t stop there. We continuously share these pivotal insights with global leaders in 25 countries through keynotes, workshops, and private briefings. Together, we’re co-creating a future where AI delivers business value and ensures a harmonious, inclusive ecosystem where the promise of AI truly benefits all.

We actively pinpoint investment and grant opportunities in budding AI companies geared toward societal and economic progress. With a focus on optimizing the impact of capital, we’re ready to utilize our search fund when necessary. Our Operating Advisors apply seasoned operational strategies, executive coaching, and industry networks to expedite the growth trajectory of our portfolio companies.

We focus on AI that Works for All. We Innovate, Educate, and Invest in AI to Foster Progress and Growth for Everyone.

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Thoughts on AI for Social Progress and Economic Growth

Skills Reboot: Reskilling for the 4th Industrial Wave

In an era where AI is reshaping our world at an unprecedented pace, touching every sector from private to public and nonprofit, the comparison with previous industrial revolutions is inevitable yet distinct. AI's influence is profound,...