About Us – AI for Social Progress

AI4SP.org is a platform bringing together organizations, artificial intelligence (AI) innovators, regulators, researchers, philanthropists, and investors to build, embrace, and support AI solutions that address pressing societal issues, boost the economy, and drive progress.

A Platform to Unleash AI for Social Progress and Economic Growth

Artificial Intelligence can generate over $16 trillion in additional economic value by 2030 if used responsibly and inclusively. We focus on three key areas to unleash AI’s potential for social progress and economic growth, fostering a positive feedback loop between social and financial returns.

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Users of our free AI Advisor, Compliance Checker, and AI Compass Tools.


Students, Entrepreneurs, Nonprofit, Tech, and Government Leaders attended our Workshops.


AI Startups receiving Operating Advise and/or funding from our Consulting and Search Fund.

Our Leadership

Our leadership has a proven track record of delivering results and transforming technology and purpose-driven organizations to create positive change. We have diverse backgrounds and expertise and are committed to advancing AI for social progress, promoting a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous world.

Dr. Ying Li

Chief Scientist

Kathryn Trout

Advisory Board & Operating Advisor

Peter Sondergaard

Advisory Board & Operating Advisor

Jeff Raikes

Advisory Board Chair

Gulnaz Kordanova

AI for Social Impact Fellow

Sebastian Kuhn

AI for Social Impact Fellow

Fernanda del Carpio

Business Development

Luis J. Salazar

Founder and CEO

Advisory Board and Operating Advisors

Our Advisory Board provides strategic guidance on evaluating economic models and approaches that ethically support economic growth through AI. They also foster connections and augment our voices. Composed of world-recognized respected leaders and experts in technology and social impact, the council ensures that we remain at the forefront of responsible and ethical AI practices and work collaboratively to maximize reach and impact.

Our Operating Advisors are also advisory board members and might act as interim CXOs and Executive Advisors to AI organizations we support. They deploy proven operational frameworks, offer executive coaching, and leverage industry connections to accelerate growth, creating meaningful value.

Their work helps organizations improve core indicators such as Social Impact, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Morale and Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Annual Recurring revenue, Net Revenue Retention, Customer Acquisition Cost, Average Contract Value, Rule of 40, and Gross Margin.

The Eightfold Path

At AI4SP.org, we chose the Eightfold Path as our avatar and logo to symbolize our commitment to ethical and compassionate AI.

The Eightfold Path represents a set of principles that guide individuals towards a more compassionate and ethical way of living, aligning with our mission to create AI solutions that benefit marginalized communities and promote social justice.

We strive to integrate these principles into all aspects of our platform, inspiring others to do the same.