Our Team at AI4SP.org

Sebastian Kuhn
AI for Social Impact and
Economic Growth Fellow

Sebastian Kuhn, an “AI for Social Impact Fellow” at ai4sp.org, embodies the fusion of AI with social progress and economic growth. His unique blend of economics, data science, engineering, and entrepreneurship aligns seamlessly with our mission.

Sebastian’s global journey—from Platoon Leader in the Swiss Army to diverse cultural immersions—highlights his adaptability in ever-evolving landscapes. His Master of Science in Technology Innovation from the University of Washington saw him breathe life into intelligent IoT devices. His Tsinghua University expertise immersed him in data science. Sebastian’s professional tapestry, woven with roles in software engineering, IT business analysis at UBS, and startup incubation, makes him a force in tech and AI.

Multilingual in Mandarin, German, French, and English, he helps us assist local and global organizations in understanding how AI can help them to scale while adhering to ethical principles and delivering maximum impact.