AI for Nonprofits Center

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Welcome to the AI for Nonprofits Center! We’re your friendly and expert guide in harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to supercharge your nonprofit.

From boosting your fundraising to enhancing team engagement and cutting costs, we’re here to make AI your nonprofit’s best ally. Let’s learn, grow, and transform with AI-powered tools created by experts to serve the needs of nonprofits and our AI Learning Hub with workshops, videos, and guides.

Nonprofit AI Advisor

Your assistant to start navigating the AI landscape, assessing your needs, and making informed decisions. This is your first step!

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AI Compliance Agent

Check if the terms and policies of the AI tools and apps you use or plan to use meet your organization’s privacy and compliance rules.

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AI Learning Hub

Dive into our pool of resources. From ‘AI in 60 Seconds’ videos to monthly webinars, we’ve got you covered on all things AI for nonprofits.

Start with a Consultation or Workshop

Contact us for a consultation to understand your needs and challenges and work together on how using AI responsibly can help you achieve your goals. Or join one of our workshops covering AI fundamentals, how others use it for fundraising, cost reduction, decision-making, and team engagement, and the compliance and privacy challenges to overcome.

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