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Reliable insights can be the difference between staying ahead or falling behind. Our insights and reports can power your content marketing campaigns, event or product strategy, and capital raising efforts.

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Relevant AI Insights and Reports

The world of AI is vast and ever-changing. Our reports break it down, helping you and your stakeholders understand what matters most to your business, industry, or clients’ business.

Trusted by Large and Small Organizations

Big brands trust us. But it’s not just about the big names; it’s about the value we can deliver to organizations of all sizes.

  • Comprehensive: We have a comprehensive database of over 10,000 AI tools and software that we continuously update to ensure you have the freshest insights.
  • Up-to-Date: We continuously gather insights from +1,000 US organizations, showing how AI is used in business applications across diverse industries.
  • Actionable: Our AI and Digital Transformation Compass, used as a benchmarking tool by Fortune 500 companies and small organizations, is based on these datasets.
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Our AI-powered tools assist Startups, Nonprofits, Students, Researchers, Government Agencies, and Businesses in embracing AI in responsible and productive ways.

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How can our AI Landscape Reports Help Your Organization?

Engage your Audience with Relevant Content

Use relevant content that resonates with your audience to increase conversion and engagement rates.

Power your Events

Share AI insights that will be remembered at your next meeting or webinar. We use these insights to power our workshops and keynotes delivered to diverse audiences in over 25 countries.

Strong Social Media Presence

Share insights that get noticed and shared.

Inform your Go to Market, Product Strategy, or Capital Raising

Use our custom reports to inform your AI strategy and enable your leadership to embrace the power of AI in responsible ways.

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Starting at just $2,500, contact us for a free 20-minute consultation on how our AI Reports and Insights can help your organization’s go-to-market strategy, social media engagement, capital raising, and product strategy.

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Consulting Firm Efficiency

AI4SP helped us to navigate the complexities of data, compliance, and privacy, setting a clear roadmap for 2023-24 for our 250-person Consulting Firm. By adopting AI to automate repetitive tasks and deploying an internal chat agent for our knowledge base, we’ve improved efficiency by 40%.

Fortune 5000 Tech Company

Using the AI and Technology Readiness Index™, we’ve created engaging, interactive content for our partners to identify opportunities to deploy CRM systems among SMBs. It transformed our channel communications, increasing engagement rates by over 25%.

Nonprofit Automation

With AI4SP’s Technology Readiness Index™, our small nonprofit embarked on an AI journey that was both effective and surprisingly affordable. We increased our marketing and donor management productivity by 30% while remaining within our limited budget. We’re now empowered to do more for our cause than ever before!

Private University in the West Coast

AI4SP AI and Technology Readiness Index™ helped align our leadership on the responsible use of tech and AI. Through a clear, actionable plan, we feel comfortable about the next steps related to augmenting our existing software with affordable AI solutions to prepare our students for a digital future.