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Don’t be intimidated by Artificial Intelligence –AI. Used responsibly, it can help your organization to improve impact delivery, fundraising, reduce costs and inform decision-making while keeping teams and volunteers engaged. Harness the power of AI without compromising your mission, data, or compliance standards.

Try our AI-powered Advisor and book a consultation to help you select the best AI tools to meet your needs and budget.

Book a meeting or workshop to guide you on selecting the right tools to fit your mission and budget and train your teams to use AI responsibly to maximize fundraising and operations.

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Our AI-powered tools assist Startups, Nonprofits, Students, Researchers, Government Agencies, and Businesses in embracing AI in responsible and productive ways.

AI-powered Nonprofit advisor on how to use AI - AI4SP.org

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Privacy Notice

We don’t have access to the information you enter when using our interactive tools, and that information isn’t saved on our servers or anywhere else. AI4SP.org uses AI technology from Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure won’t use the data you submit through their API to improve their AI models.

Visit the AI4SP AI and Digital Transformation Compass™ to learn more about our methodology; based on analyzing over 1,200  leading organizations and enriched with trusted research. It breaks down technology and AI into six manageable dimensions, allowing you to understand your current state, compare with industry peers, and find actionable steps for growth and efficiency.

An AI Advisor, designed with Social Impact in mind

We trained our model to help organizations looking to:

  • Streamline Operations: Enhance productivity by automating repetitive tasks, managing resources more efficiently, and improving workflow.
  • Reduce Costs: Discover innovative strategies to minimize expenditures and maximize the impact of your funds.
  • Boost Engagement: Use AI-driven insights to understand your team and volunteers better, increase engagement, and foster a more connected community.
  • Supercharge Fundraising: Leverage predictive analytics to optimize your fundraising strategies, target the right donors, and improve donor retention.
  • Improve Decision-Making: Benefit from AI’s ability to process and analyze vast data to make informed, data-driven decisions.